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A strong focus on your health and work routines continues from the last week of August. Close partnerships begin to heat up after mid-month, and your attention shifts to significant others even more so by the 22nd. The last week of September brings a big commotion in your partnership sector. Be open to new ideas and stimulation, but experiment wisely and creatively. You are communicating more concisely and thinking practically in the first two weeks of September.

Natal Uranus in the 5th House

It can also be a time for the reinvigoration of a special endeavor. You're in good shape for energetic work, analysis, organization, and fixing problem areas in your life.

Daily Horoscopes/Astro Highlights for each Sign:

It's a stellar time for enthusiastic work or the implementation of health and fitness programs. You're in a great position to make headway in projects that mean a lot to you. Plans and strategies are attractive, and doing some research can be satisfying. It's an excellent period for tying up loose ends, editing, and tidying efforts.

Significant progress can be made in your work, primarily if you concentrate on reform or reorganizing rather than adding more to your workload. You may be working on improving your reputation with success. Be reasonable in your expectations and patient with yourself this month. You're in great shape for personal influence on the job, you might pair up to get something done, or you may meet someone special through your work or health activities.

Getting your life or career on track is a strong theme, but you can find a healthier balance between work and play as the month advances. Do take advantage of your increased motivation and energy for work and health routines, but remember that overdoing it will set you back, and if you don't heed this warning, events around the Full Moon on the 14th might conspire to enforce some rest.

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Watch for exhausting yourself, but also the other side--procrastination. There can be a real balancing act now! If energy levels are up and down, it's probably about inspiration, and pausing or taking a timeout can help you regain it. If you've been working too hard or doing too much for others, you can feel the drain now. It's vital to balance out your life by making more time for spiritual, imaginative, and reflective activities, or you'll lose some of the motivation and spark you've enjoyed recently. If you have a past matter to resolve or if you're dealing with some disorganization, keep in mind that getting over this hurdle can be a real relief.

Helping you organize and structure your life is Saturn's direct turn on the 18th. This influence can help clarify your business, career, and life path goals or projects. There may be a reality check, but you'll also determine what's genuinely doable.

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All month, your eye for detail can benefit your career or boost your reputation. Conversations or list-making can help free you from inevitable frustrations--you'll feel considerably more organized if you put everything on paper. Close partnerships become a major focus as the month progresses--your powers of negotiation skyrocket. The last week of September can be powerful for attracting or enhancing a close relationship. A key partnership can be in focus. The planets that have been energizing your work and health sector are gradually moving into your partnership sector, and your social life takes on new life as the month progresses.

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Horoscope Overview for September for Taurus:. This is a month for seeking inspiration creatively or romantically, dear Taurus. There can be some drama involved, but you're also making some serious progress. Relationships with friends and groups can confuse you at times, mainly because emotionally, you're in an entirely different place. Your focus seems squarely on romance, pleasure, entertainment, and your personal life. Your powers of attraction run exceptionally high, and romantic feelings are stirred.

Artists and hobbyists are likely to have an unusually creative and exciting month. Super energy is with you for starting new projects, not only for work on those already in progress. You're finding it natural to attract favorable attention from others. Passions run high. Casual dating, entertainment, and creative hobbies are especially favored. As September progresses, work matters become a stronger priority, as do self-care and health programs.

It's an excellent time not only for finding and enjoying work but also for relationships on the job. You may frequently find yourself in the right circumstances to fully enjoy and express yourself, especially in the first half of the month. While you should watch for impatience in love, this is an excellent time to have the courage to pursue your heart's desire.

News of a trip or an adventure in the near future can figure strongly. You're especially willing to share yourself and your ideas. You're in good shape for inspiring social and cultural activities. Desires come on quickly. Be open and ready to make necessary changes, but avoid overly hasty actions.

Romantic relationships can be stimulating and possibly overstimulating at times. You're looking to feed your spirit through enjoyable pastimes. Around the 14th especially, you could be wrestling with expectations or dealing with some confusion or uncertainty in your social life. Alternatively, you might be questioning a particular goal or battling some waning enthusiasm. Social or romantic matters can be draining if something is left up in the air.

Taking a step back from the action is appropriate until you gain some perspective. Sudden increases or overexpansion can cause you some personal stress, as you may feel a little overwhelmed. It's vital to avoid shooting for an unrealizable goal now if it prevents you from enjoying what you already have.

Uranus, God of the Sky, in Astrology/Zodiac

Don't let a lack of direction leave you behind. Clarifying a matter with a friend may be helpful and relieving. Saturn ends its retrograde on the 18th, and this helps you work on bringing your expectations down to earth. Self-improvement endeavors can be in focus and more successful with a stronger grip on what's realistic and realizable. A relationship might improve with a promise, support, or increased structure and commitment.

You're feeling more passionately about your interests, hobbies, or romantic life. People you meet now can be introducing you to new ways of looking at the world. This is also a great time for new experiences, beliefs, and ideas. By the last week of the month, a work and health theme emerges.

This doesn't come on suddenly--it's been creeping up on you since the 14th! The New Moon on the 28th brings wonderful energy for starting fresh with a job or a health pursuit. Horoscope Overview for September for Gemini:. Home, family, and personal matters continue to be a strong focus for you going into September, dear Gemini. Renovations, redecorating, or improvements that encourage more freedom or comfort on the home front can have long-lasting benefits. There can be some tension or pressure in these areas, but also dynamism and solutions to problems.

With much energy available to you now, it's time to take charge of domestic matters.

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